Monday, February 25, 2013

A Morris Chair of My Very Own!.. Part 2

So a quick recap...I bought an old amazing chair, that took me over a year to find, stripped it all down, stained it and put a semi-gloss on it. Now I'm going to explain how I finished it up by creating a new seat for it, cutting cushions and covering them. If you didn't see how it all started check out Part 1.

The Seat...
As you remember I had to remove the old canvas seat due to mold. So I started by tracing out a new one on a piece of cardboard. I did this by holding up the cardboard to the bottom of the open seat cavity and having my Pop trace the outline of the seat onto the cardboard. I cut out the cardboard design, traced that onto wood and cut it out. I placed the wood seat on the brackets that the chair already had and it fit like a glove! I stained and sealed the wood seat so it would match the chair. Things were looking good! I was almost there!!!

The last piece to the puzzle was...

A Morris Chair of My Very Own! Part 1

The Long Awaited Morris Chair
For the last few years of college I lived with two wonderful girls, who are still my closest friends today. My one roommate "J. Marie" had this old wonderful Morris chair that was from her grandmother. It was a rather fragile chair so it lived in her room instead of our living room. But I developed a fondness for it through the years. You see I would "sneak" into her room, as it was the furthest down the hall away from the living rooms noise and distraction. There I would sit myself in that glorious Morris chair and do my reading or work on an article for the school news paper. It was a quiet comfy retreat where I could really focus and brain storm ideas. (let me tell you a lot of great writing came about in that chair!) That chair was so comfortable and so relaxing that I vowed to one day own one!

Two years later we graduated and I had to say goodbye to my "thinking" chair...So my search began! Almost every day, for well over a year, I looked on Craigslist and eBay for a Morris chair that was just right. The problem was they were all very expensive. However, I knew that if I kept searching I would find one for under 100 dollars... and one glorious spring day it happened!

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