Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding quiet moments and balance for a stress free life.

Stress is apart of our every day lives. We wake up stressed out and go to bed stressed out. Many of us don't even recognize stress anymore because we are so use to it. Many of my friends right now are planning for new babies, moving, house hunting and weddings planning which are good stresses but still stress. Some are dealing with the lose of loved ones and others are dealing with personal illness. We all have stress! For me these past 8 months have been very stressful with my Hubby being deployed. So I wanted to share a few things that I personally believe in and try to do to in order to find those quiet moments and have balance and as much of a stress in my life as possible.
1) Breath in the fresh air… I’m not talking about just stepping outside and going, "ok I took some breaths!" and then running back inside to do your job or project. I’m talking about going out for a short or long walk, I take my dog every day, and really taking time to breath and look at nature. Really breath deeply. Maybe find a beautiful spot and stop there. Take in 5-10 really long deep breaths. Look at the beauty around you the green grass or the blue sky…Even here in New England when its cold and grey, I look at the bare trees all dancing together in the wind and I reflect on how strong they are for living through the hard winter months. To me no matter how ugly or crazy the world gets nature is always peaceful and grounding and oxygen is always my drug of choice.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Inspiration for Wally’s on Wednesday

A small town favorite watering hole, called Wally’s, is building a new building and I wanted to put my two cents in about the decor that I feel would suite the place. (I may be friends with the owner LOL) Any way I want to give you a super quick idea of what its like in the small town. Its an agricultural community filled with lots of small farms and a few big ones. There is one tiny grocery store and one bank. Everyone comes out for fourth of July and there are two beautiful little churches with tall steeples that you can see across the farm yards. So basically your quintessential New England Town!
The new building will be built in an old farming field on the main road and is going to look like sort of like an old farm house meets a barn. So what better decor to go with it than rustic meets industrial right! OK here we go!
So I picture something like this for the counter. Its all reclaimed wood and this particular one was done by Elmwood reclaimed timber. BUT not with wood counter tops it makes it look TOO farm country.
Red-Barn-Wood-Paneling-Siding_6 counter

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