Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Inspiration for Wally’s on Wednesday

A small town favorite watering hole, called Wally’s, is building a new building and I wanted to put my two cents in about the decor that I feel would suite the place. (I may be friends with the owner LOL) Any way I want to give you a super quick idea of what its like in the small town. Its an agricultural community filled with lots of small farms and a few big ones. There is one tiny grocery store and one bank. Everyone comes out for fourth of July and there are two beautiful little churches with tall steeples that you can see across the farm yards. So basically your quintessential New England Town!
The new building will be built in an old farming field on the main road and is going to look like sort of like an old farm house meets a barn. So what better decor to go with it than rustic meets industrial right! OK here we go!
So I picture something like this for the counter. Its all reclaimed wood and this particular one was done by Elmwood reclaimed timber. BUT not with wood counter tops it makes it look TOO farm country.
Red-Barn-Wood-Paneling-Siding_6 counter
I’m thinking counter tops like these! The rough edges but with the grey tones of the bottom photo. Aren’t they beautiful! They look like rough cut granite but guess again…they are concrete! Yup a company in Vermont called  Gendron Building made these.
concreteconcrete3 Imagine a feature wall in brick. But just one…you dont want the place too dark becuase its a breakfast joint so you want your customers to feel awake. But maybe having it by seating like this one found at Detroit Institute of Bagels. It would play off of the reclaimed wood counter top.
brick wall tables But I think the best place for it would be right behind where you hang the bagel shelves so that it plays off these baskets!
Which I see sitting on an shelf made of piping sort of like this amazing DIY home pantry shelf from  DIY showoff
DIYShowOff-Industrial-Pipe-Shelving For lights I would keep it country with a touch of industrial and do mason jars!
mason jar lamp Perhaps one large chandelier on in the center would be neat!
mason jar lamp2
For chairs I would say one of two things would work. I even would love to see a mix. I  personally would do a few small tables with ladder back chairs and then a window seating area with metal stools. (picture from pinterest)
stoolschairsWhen you see the two style chairs next to one another like this it really shows how it mixes industrial and farmhouse really well. The benefit of the ladder back chair photo is that they are sitting on brick and the stools are sitting against reclaimed wood so we can even begin to see all the textures and styles working together. I would keep the walls and dishes white to keep it cheery and I would make sure that the floors are made out of industrial rubber because that is easy to clean and a no slip material. Being in farm country you want floors that clean easy!  (photos below of signs from Google Images)
farm FS_Caution
So there you have it! I hope this was an easy blog post to follow. The funny thing is you guys just got a serious front row seat to how my brain works! So if you survived and followed the journey than kudos to you! Now I’m off to share this with the owner of Wally’s Place Bagel and Deli and see if he like it. Hopefully its just the touch he's looking for and hopefully it inspired you to think about the places you go each day in your community and how the decor affects your moods. If you have a place you love trying adding some of that style to your home. It might have the same relaxing and welcoming effect you get when you stop by your favorite pit stop. Alright stay happy my friends were more than half way to Friday!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie 

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