Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcoming Home My Soldier

A Soldiers home coming is an experience I simply can’t explain in words… if you have been through it you know what I mean. But I’ll do my best. When your soldier comes home it’s better than any Birthday or Christmas you ever experienced. The anticipation that builds creates a feeling of nervousness and excitement that almost torments your soul. And when that moment comes… When you finally embrace your soldier it’s more wonderful than you could ever have dreamed or imagined possible! My Mother in-law experienced this event for first, and hopefully last, time this deployment. She said “it was like the day he was born and I finally got to see and hold him for the first time.” I thought that was beautiful and although I don’t have children, I can only imagine that is the best way to sum it up.
Three weeks ago I got to welcome my Hubby home again, for the second time in less than 3 years. At 4am (the time stamp on these photos is wrong so please pay no attention) my Mother in-law and I packed into the car and drove the 10 minutes to the airplane hanger where the ceremony was held.
As you can see we were a bit early but due to past experience, I wanted to make sure we got there with plenty of time to spare and to get a good seat!
DSC_1569 DSC_1570
And as you can see it filled up very quickly so it was good thing we did! Finally they told us that our soldiers had arrived and would be at the hanger in 10 minutes!
At this point I wasn't sure if I wanted to cry or throw up from being so excited and nervous! So we waited and took some pictures of us anticipating his return to pass the time.   
photo 1 waitingphoto 2 waiting 
(Me with some close friends of mine whos Husbands were also due to arrive any moment! and My Mother-in law and I waiting anxiously.)
Then it happened! They announced our Battalion was home and the hanger doors slowly began to open! People whistled, cried and cheered so loud, the place just exploded with noise! My throat began to closed up and my eyes began to water so I just held my camera high and tried to capture every moment.
  Loud patriotic music played, the crowd cheered and slowly we began to see boots!
And soon boots became legs….
DSC_1578 DSC_1579 
And legs turned into whole soldiers! This was it! He was here!!! (there may be a small chance I am crying as I type this lol)
I couldn't see him but it didn’t matter because somewhere hidden among that sea of multi-cam was my Hubby! Safely home on US soil where he belongs!
DSC_1582 DSC_1583 DSC_1588
Like all good soldiers they marched in and stood at attention to await their release. I could barely contain myself but I pulled it together and placed my hand over my heart and stared at our beautiful flag through teary eyes as I listened to our National Anthem. 
After a quick ceremony…and I mean quick all of 8 minutes or less! They were released and the room flooded with people! 
(don't worry I wasn't stopping for photos when they were released! This was taken after I had already found my hubby. That girl in the middle with the stripped jacket  is a good friend of mine who was frantically trying to find her soldier and finally did. It was a sweet moment to capture.)
This was not our first time at a large Army event, never mind a welcome home ceremony! So like any good Army Wife I had a plan (it’s our usually plan) Meet near the Podium! And we did! I snuck up on him and grabbed him tight, wrapping my arms and maybe my legs lol, around him holding him so tight! I’m sorry I have no photos of that moment of us meeting but since I held the camera, there wasn't much picture taking happening while I was grabbing tight and never wanting to let go.  But the pictures below are right after we had hugged him… two and three times. 
photo 1
He was happy to have his two favorite ladies there waiting for him. And I am so happy to have him home and be settled back in again…well sort of settled, we’re in between 2 moves right now…but that's another post all together ;) 
photo 2
Your the moon that lights my darkness, the love of my life, my hero…my heart! Welcome Home Baby!!!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie

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  1. You're so sweet sis, sorry it took me so long to read this, but I'm super glad he's home too!!!


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