Monday, March 11, 2013

Day light savings pick me up smoothie

Happy Monday Everyone!
If your anything like me then on Mondays, especially after a time change, your not so happy. This morning I was dragging! So I decided to make myself a delicious smoothie to help boost my energy. (I sort of am in love with liquid calories LOL.)
Any way I got to thinking why not share one of my favorite treats with all of you and hopefully make your Monday a little less blue...except it is blue in color cause of the blueberries LOL but you know what I meant :)

1/2 Cup frozen blueberries
1/3 of an avocado frozen (I always freeze avocados for my smoothies you cant taste them and they are so darn good for you!)
1/2 Cup of Apple Juice (I personally really like simply apple its more like cider) 
1 Banana


Put all your frozen ingredients into a tall glass or measuring cup with a flat bottom

 Use a hand blender to mix the frozen ingredients into the juice, once they are pureed add the banana and mix until you have a smoothie :)
(I am obsessed with my Cuisinart hand blender if you don't have one I strongly recommend it they can be had for as little as $30 bucks! But this whole thing can also be accomplished in the blender or food processor its just a lot more clean up!)

Poor into a glass and ENJOY! Plus its extra enjoyable cause you're getting 3 servings of fruit plus antioxidants and lots of other great nutrients. The avocado and blueberries promote heart healthiness (the avocado is also great for your skin!) The banana provides potassium and the whole thing is just plain yummy!
My Monday is getting better already!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie


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