Thursday, May 23, 2013

Long time no blog...Sorry!

Wow its been a long time since I have posted! I apologize but being head of decorating committee for our battalions semi-formal, preparing for a deployment and traveling twice to celebrate with family for a wedding and a baby all in the last two months will keep you very busy. Time has been escaping me left and right. But you see it all started when I originally stopped posting, for what was supposed to be a week, because the Hubby and I had finally finished the new desk! (photos to come I promise). I unplugged the whole office in hopes of getting it all set up before I left for Boston... but like all good intentions it went haywire! Needless to say with the office torn to pieces I left for Boston. It was a surprise trip to see my sister for her birthday, well that was the small reason. The big reason was to celebrate and  congratulate her on expecting her first baby this fall!!!! I am through the roof excited for her and her Husband! I'm also selfishly excited that I get to help her decorate and design the nursery!

Sisters! (My sister on left and Me on right)

But the day after I got back the Boston Marathon bombing happened and of course that was no time to be setting up the computer and blogging about nurseries and cute babies on the way. I couldn't help but be glued to the TV for the first 24 hours. Boston is New Englands city and it hit pretty close to home. I had a few family members and friends that I was concerned for but thankfully everyone I knew was fine.

This amazing photo ran in Boston Magazine . The shoes used to create the image were all worn by runners that day.
Click on the link to read the full story.
Soon after I became head of decorating and layout for our Battalions Semi-formal,which ate up a good 3 full days of my time but was worth it in the end we had a wonderful time. 48 hours after that We were on the road to NJ for some much needed vacation/family time before my Hubby's upcoming deployment. Not to mention that his older sister was getting married! Which I will soon blog about because the venue was amazing and very inspiring!
So as you can see I have been truly busy but I have loads to share now that I'm back! Including a post about my hunt for a headboard that has been going on for 8 months! But I'm happy to report that while in NJ it was finally caught! I promise to post lots more on all these topics soon so check back in. As always thanks for stopping by!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie

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