Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fence Post Patio Table

Last year the Hubby and I bought some really cute Adirondack chairs for our small slab patio. But as we enjoyed them for the first time after painfully putting them together I realized, we had no place to kick up our feet or place a cool beverage. I didn't want to spend more money and our patio was really small. No way an outdoor side table would fit. So the next day I poked around in the garage and found some old boards and an idea sprang to my mind. I would whip together a little and cheap! coffee table for outside.

I made a quick run to the hardware store for some new screws and a fence post. I took the fence post and cut it four times. Each cut was about a foot and a half long. I then laid the four boards out and put two braces on with smaller screws to the underside. This ensured that all four boards stayed snugly together. I then marked the legs and screwed two screws into each one from the top of the table...I gave everything a quick sanding and Boom!
See the braces underneath to hold the boards together
 Suddenly I had a cute little patio table that cost me all of 8 dollars to make. The boards were a little warped but who cares they were free and its just for outside use. It has held up great over these last two years! But when we move in a month I will put it out to pasture as it's not worth storing and then moving it. But no fear I'll make something even better for the next patio we have.

Our cozy little outdoor patio

Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie

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