Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A House Dreams Are Made Of

This past weekend one of my dearest and best friends, Meg, bought a house! So today I'm doing a post to honor the dream of home ownership. I went through the Internet and found houses that if I were house hunting right now I would want to look at...or at least drool over LOL.

This is one in Virginia that we actually looked at before we found out that we were not moving yet. Its amazing. Needs just enough work where I could put a personal touch on it but not so much that we couldn't move in right away.

This house in Pennsylvania is absolutely gorgeous and has everything we want! Hopefully I can find something this grand when we get ready to finally settle down.

Gorgeous restored stone house in Pennsylvania.   
I could not even imagine this much porch! I love those big old southern porches in South Carolina.   

Another stunning stone home Pennsylvania. I love the porch on this one.
I think it would be so much fun to take something, like a train station or this old country store, that isn't a house and turn it into a home! This store in Virginia has the most amazing wood work inside!

This house in Virginia is really cute with lots of character. But what else would you expect from something that was built in the 40s?

So here's a toast to Meg and Phil and their new house and of course to all us dreamer out there who someday hope to aspire to home ownership. Cheers!

Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie


  1. I have been reading all of your posts and thank you so much for inspiring me today! Your blog is funny and creative and well-written!

    Happy, happy day to you!

    1. Wow it is truly an honor to have you stop by! I am a huge fan of your blog. I am also sorry that there has been no content here at The Marie Project since October! I posted today and explained why. I hope you continue to stop by from time to time. Thanks so much for the support and kind words!
      Christina Marie


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