Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Harry Potter Wand

Wands in Harry Potters world are no laughing matter and if your 9 years old and going as Hermione Granger for Halloween a wand is definitely no laughing matter. This was brought to my attention by my wonderful niece who called me up and said “Kiki I need your help! I need you to make me a Hermione Granger costume.” After I explained that I could not make her an entire costume in 2 weeks with no measurements or time we agreed that the most important thing she couldn't buy or find at home was a wand. I agreed to help and put my creative thinking cap on… This is what I came up with. 
Supplies Needed:
harry potter wand 1

1-Stick of your choice from the yard 2- A box cutter or pocket knife (my stick is maple so a box cutter is strong enough but you may need something stronger for a tougher barked tree) 3-Sand paper 4-Hot glue gun and glue sticks 5- Jute rope 6-Clear gloss polyurethane 7-Sponge brush
Step 1- Selecting your wand
harry potter wand 2 harry potter wand 3
Cut or break your stick to the right size, then take out your sand paper (pretty decent grit such as 120) and your box cutter.
Step 2- Shaving your wand
harry potter wand 4
Shave off a good amount of your bark. I left some of the deeper bark still on to give it dimension and texture.  *PLEASE BE CAREFUL DURING THIS STEP! WATCH YOUR FINGERS AND ALWAYS CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF*
Step 3- Shaping your wand
harry potter wand 5
Give a quick sanding so that to the touch its smooth. Make sure the tip is slightly rounded and the base is flat.
Step 4- Creating the handle
This step is optional but I think it gives it a little something special.
harry potter wand 6
Using the Jute string and the hot glue gun, go section by section starting at the base. Place some hot glue around the stick (not too far up thought the glue dries really fast) and wrap the string very tightly around the area with the glue. Continue on until desired width of handle is made. Trim off string and add a small drop of glue at the end to hold it in place. 
Step 5- Protecting your wand
harry potter wand 7
With your sponge brush put on a light coat of clear gloss polyurethane. Make sure to go light and cover all of the exposed stick. (I wouldn't go over the jute it might make it sticky.)
harry potter wand 8Allow the air to move all around it so it dries quickly. Resting it on two other sticks will allow this to happen and prevent it from gluing itself to whatever surface you place it on. 
Step 6- TA DA!
Now your wand is finished and you are ready to take on the any death eater that comes your way or maybe even Voldemort himself! I absolutely adore Harry Potter and I loved making this wand! I just hope my niece loves this wand too.
harry potter wand 9

I hope you all have a creative and Happy Halloween. Be safe on Thursday night everyone!

Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie 

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