Friday, October 11, 2013

Old Fashion Baby Shower

Baby Showers can be a hard thing to plan. You want your baby shower to represent and honor the Mother to be. I knew I had to throw my Sister a baby shower she would never forget. Something elegant but not too stuffy. The hardest part for me was trying to plan it from hundreds of miles away. Luckily I have some amazing friends that helped me pull it all together in the last 24 hours. It turned out beautifully…or at least I think so what do you think?
Me and My beautiful sister who I cant believe is 8 1/2 months pregnant! She looks amazing!
This is Me and My beautiful sister who I cant believe is 8 1/2 months pregnant! She looks amazing!  
I made the theme based loosely around building a library but mostly it was focused on books and reading. I asked everyone to bring a book for the baby instead of a card. Her Mother-in law made 90% of the food since I was coming from far away. I tried really hard not to over decorate as the room was already so gorgeous! Instead I tried to think of lots of small details that would tie everything together and give it an intimate feel.
A historical society was a suggestion from a dear friend and it worked out perfect. I have wonderful friends who helped with set up and break down making sure that my vision really came to life.
The room was so pretty I didn't want to go overboard with decorations. Some simple old books, mason jars, blocks and rough edged burlap gave it an old fashion slightly rustic feel while keeping it slightly whimsical and childlike.
The Grand Piano was used as a place to fill out the dedication sticker for books, sign a guest book and collect your Thank You gift.
Here was a basket of book marks that made by hand. They were lovely little silver key on one end and a long ribbon to stick in between the pages of your favorite book.
I printed out labels that said "This book belongs to: & With love from:" That way the baby would know who the books were from.  
I got crafty with some onsies, stencils and fabric pens to make this “its a boy” banner that was used as a back drop for the head table. This table was a spot that was reserved for Mommy to be, Grandma and Mimi (aka the other grandma)
The Cake had little blocks on top it was so cute! It was pale blue and white colored frosting. There were pumpkin and cream cheese cupcakes as well as some cookies and lemon bars for those that did not want chocolate cake or wanted more dessert. Cause lets face it everyone wants more dessert! 
She received so many lovely gifts! The Elephant hamper was filled with a long “clothes line”  that had little baby clothes were pinned to it! It just kept coming and coming as she pulled the string out. It was so cute!
And what is a baby shower without a fun little game. Name of this game….guess Mommy’s belly size. You cut a string that you think is the exact size of Mommies belly circumference…
some people got really into it LOL! DSCF3196 
But after a careful measure!….
and many guesses!
Mimi knew what size her grandson was and she was right on the money! not a fiber longer! 
All in all it was a beautiful day for a beautiful Mom to be and I know she was blown away and touched by all the personal details and simplicity of the event. Congrats Sister on your little bundle of joy!

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