Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wicked Inspiring Wednesdays!

Wednesdays can be a hard day of the week. Filled with mixed emotions of “oh wow the week is 1/2 over” and “oh no the week is ONLY 1/2 OVER!” So here I am to hopefully make you be a glass half full type of person, get some inspiration for the rest of your week and make you look forward to your weekend.
For my first Wicked Inspiring Wednesday post I decided to go with something that I have a true passion for…..Mirrors! I don't know why I love the little buggers so much but I do! I find them all the time at antique shops and flea markets and its always so hard not to buy them all up. They can come in all shapes, sizes colors and frames. I love old ones, new ones, tall ones, skinny ones… all mirrors! (wow hope this subject doesn't make me come across as vain lol)
I often think about how weird it must have been back in the real early days when most homes didn't own mirrors. If you were lucky as a woman in pioneer times you had a little tiny one for your bedroom. Now mirrors are part of our culture! Ok I digress on the mirror history but you get my point on how these little gems are so thrilling!
So lets take a look at some of my favorite unique mirrors and their uses. At the end of the post I’ll show you my newest gem…a very old set of family mirrors that I was recently gifted by my Mom. OK lets get inspired!  (all images were found on unless otherwise stated)
mirror8I love how this one is made from an old door!
mirror 3This headboard helps reflect the light beautifully and the color combos in this room are relaxing! I could live here! 
mirror wallI am 100% obsessed with this idea and I’m sure at some point there will be a post showing off my wall of mirrors lol.  (see I’m inspired already!)
mirror4This look is elegant and would be easy to recreate with a simple mirror and a great wood carving or wood appliqué piece.
mirror1I love the idea of having mirrors to reflect your lamp light. Its elegant and functional. mirror6The earthy yet elegant nature of this mirror is simple, relaxing and yet sophisticated. As the daughter of a wood worker this look is easily obtained with the right equipment and a standard long door mirror. I may have to show this to my Pop and make him create one.
mirror5  a nice change of pace from a square bathroom mirror. I also love the gold antiqued look with the cold stone counter. The contrast works. 
mirror7  Beautiful! Its industrial, functional, opens up the space and is very unique! I don't know about you but i think  its an old factory building window that was made into a mirror!
mirror 2again using a mirror as a headboard is beautiful especially in a small space it really opens it up. I also love the mini collection of pictures in pretty frames next to the mirror and how they kept it all in gold so it ties in together and doesn't look cluttered.
the This photo was taken by me (see me in the mirror with the phone lol) It was at a little shop in Alexandria LA called Red Door Interiors. They sell very pretty house wares and I often went there for inspiration when we are living down that way.
  sarah101Funny thing happened as I finished up writing this post. I put on HGTV and low and behold one of my favorite shows Sarah 101 was on! She did an amazing small apt and used mirrors to make the space feel larger! 
sarah101 2These two photos above are the mirrors she chose and they are gorgeous! Along with the rest of the room. Not to mention that amazing French iron console table that sits below the mirror in the first photo!  (original source for photos were HGTV Canada but these were found over at designmaze-tim)
OK so last but most certainly not least here are my new heirlooms. I am so blessed and excited to have acquired these from my Mom. She is so giving and she gifted these to me right around Christmas! They use to hang in her old Victorian home as a child and were part of the house when they moved in so no telling how old they are.  I’m so lucky to have them and cant wait to find special and unique way to display them. I like the old patina on the mirror I will not be replacing it. Not all mirrors are meant to do your hair in.
Well that wraps up the first installment of Wicked Inspiration Wednesday. I hope you all enjoyed yourself I know I did. I bet many of you never thought so much about a simple mirror lol. I already am brewing up a very unique idea for next Wednesday so make sure to stop by.  Oh and if you have a cool mirror you want to share shoot me an email with a photo I would love to see them. Keep creating and keep positive the week is 1/2 over!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Marie

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